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This month is all about movies! This coming Friday, October 20, we meet for our traditional Dinner & a Movie event and, to commemorate La Settimana della Lingua Italiana, on October 23, a picture worth seeing is shown at Emory University with the movie “Le Meraviglie”, an event free to the public!

Last month our club turned its attention to farm food production, intended as a culture, in a profound and acute anthropology study presented by our beloved Ph.D. Whitney Easton.  We promise to repeat this event in 2018 for those who might have missed it.  This is just the beginning of a rich cultural agenda we are planning for next year. November is the turn of architecture, with a lecture on modernism about famous Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, by architecture scholar Ma. Arch. Giancarlo Pirrone, followed by a modern in-style dinner.

Halloween is around the corner and, with Christmas trees already making their early appearances in malls around town, 2017 seems to be running a race to its end; after all, it is the time of the year for us to think about supporting our Club’s activities and cultural commitments.  Our Christmas Party is our fun, annual fundraiser event – see below.

On the cultural side, on a blog started by Sara Mancini we found an interesting article meant to provoke a debate – see below.  The theme, “what it takes to make a man happy” is intended as comprehensive of its symmetrical opposite, even if most men may believe that making a woman happy is next to impossible.  If you have a strong point of view upon “what makes a man happy” please come to our next Dinner & a Movie event. There will be time for Q&A as well as for a discussion “in italiano” over the content of the film, which has points of identity with the theme of the aforementioned blog.  I sincerely hope that those of you who have joined us because of their interest for the language and culture of the Italian peninsula will be pleased by our initiatives.  AGP


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Who hasn’t dreamed of driving or owning one?  Ferrari is a symbol and emblem and today it is 70 years old!  The legacy left by Ferrari’s design and technological innovation is baffling and unparalleled, especially for a brand born in a garage.  One could easily say that Ferrari has lead sport auto-making to what it is today.  By widespread consensus, it is also the most recognized brand and coveted sport car in the world.  Small wonder, for it design has always challenged the status quo, always reaching new grounds.  Its technology leaped forward, from aluminum-box chassis (scocca scatolare), to ultra light titanium-alloy and carbon-fiber components, to its amazing V-engines, the first ever able to pull 500 horse-power out of a 3 liter propulsion system; reaching, eventually, a mind-blowing, asphalt-tearing 930 bhp, with its 3 liter F1 V10.  Its innovations have been copied over and over again, becoming standard equipment in Porches and Jaguars around the world.  But this is just the beginning of the Ferrari legacy.  Competition pilots (my category was 500 c.c. speed motorcycles) know what was done to its Dell’Orto carburetors, variable-length intake manifolds, amazing Brembo breaks and disks, dual clutch transmissions, compressors, engine heads, pistons and crankshafts, spoilers and skirts, both is terms of power/weight ratio, and reduction of parasite frictions.  Ferrari has also been a world leader in terms of aerodynamics. And what about its stunning pilots? From the legendary Ascari and Fangio, to Surtees, Bandini, Lauda, Hill, Massa, Schumacher, Ferrari was joined by some of the best pilots in the world, making history with many world titles and long uninterrupted winning streaks of six consecutive world titles, from 1999 to 2006, during which Ferrari was unseizable and elusive, indeed the F1 team to reckon with. In conclusion, the Ferrari brand remains a testimony of the Italian class, technology, resilience and creativity, the proof that a generation of embarrassingly crude and idiotic Italian politicians cannot affect the achievements of our beloved nation.  For more images of its anniversary, click here Yours, AGP


I speak here without authority. Unlike my dear friend, the relationship-guru Susan Winter, I am no expert in the love department. But love remains a basic and pivotal component of the Italian culture. Opposite to the British and Northern European culture, in the Italian peninsula love is evident, communicative, emotional, dramatic, outgoing, sometimes even flaunted. The testimonies are countless, from Dante and Petrarca to silly examples like in the Celentano e Claudia Mori’s cute song “Siamo la Coppia piu’ Bella del Mondo e ci dispiace per gli Altri.”

La bipolarità e simmetria della questione uomo-donna e’ raramente centrata, come e’ riuscito a fare Claudio Zacchetti. Nel blog di Sara Mancini, la responsabilità della felicità di una coppia viene tradizionalmente riversata sul ruolo dell’uomo e sulla pre-supposta e preconcetta infedeltà degli uomini, come se le donne non lo fossero mai, o come se l’infedeltà di un uomo non coinvolga almeno una donna, in altre parole, come se esse non facessero intimamente parte dell’equazione. La questione si rifà al luogo comune secondo il quale gli uomini italiani sono infedeli e hanno regolarmente un’amante, oltre alla moglie. A meno che non si tratti di insoddisfatti o di giovani pappagalli, nulla e’ più distante dalla realtà sentimentale di un uomo maturo. Vi elargisco il suo commento nella sua versione originale. Ripeto, queste non sono risposte, ma semplici opinioni. AGP

Here is the reply to Sara Mancini by Claudio Zacchetti: “No Donna, non siamo tutti uguali credimi. Non siamo tutti “Donnaioli”, egoisti e vogliosi di arricchire il proprio scaffale di trofei. Non siamo tutti pronti a giurarti amore per “possederti” e poi gettarti. No. Non è così. Ci sono anche uomini che ancora ci provano a conquistare una donna, ma anche per noi credetemi c’è rimasto ben poco da conquistare. Troppo spesso le cose ci vengono offerte ancor prima di un gesto, ancor prima di pensare di volerle. Ci siamo ancora, ma nascosti e delusi esattamente come molte di voi. Proviamo a difenderci da donne che non sanno offrirci più di una notte di passione e a volte anche scadente. C’è ancora qualcuno di noi che cerca una donna che non sappia solo eccitarci il corpo, ma magari anche la mente. Qualcuna che possa coccolarci, rimetterci in riga e magari ascoltarci. Provate a guardare più a fondo magari verso chi non parla invece che solo verso chi vi lusinga. Provate a guardare oltre un bel fisico e oltre una bella macchina… Molte di voi si perdono proprio guardando cose sbagliate, cose che poi alla fine non riempiono il cuore e non appagano l’anima. Stare bene dentro per quelli come noi è più importante che stare bene materialmente. Provate a guardare anche dove non avreste mai pensato di guardare e chissà…. Magari finalmente ci incontreremo “Giusti”. Claudio Zacchetti


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Speaking of coffee, are you in the mood for humouring yourself? Do you wonder what distinguishes Italians? What make them behave in a certain way? What is “acceptable” versus what is not?  Here is, for instance, why Italian espresso does not come in 100 varieties, or meatballs are never served with pasta.  This one is by the brilliantly funny “Marco in a Box.”  Click here!



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We just received an announcement of a book donation.  We are in the process of inventorying our Italian book library, which spans across various literary genres.  We will post our available titles on our website next year.  Our members and subscribers will have the opportunity to participate in this free circulating library, exchanging one of their Italian books for one of our Italian books.  This is a barter program, without exchange of money. It is meant to foster reading and circulation of Italian literature.


Ciancia is brought to you by a Steering Committee of outstanding, dedicated and accomplished professionals, each one bringing to the table amazing expertise in communication and event production. This is entirely a team of volunteers, all strong believers in the great rewards of social interaction, intellectual curiosity, diversity, and cultural engagement. We admit new committee members on a regular basis. If you think that you have the drive and the time to take over one of the numerous responsibilities that make Ciancia possible, please step forward at one of our meetings.

Here is our current roster:
Arturo Giancarlo Pirrone, President
Alessio Medda – Planning and Special Events
Whitney Easton, Editing and cultural activities
Allyson Gwaltney, cultural activities
Piero Tarantelli, sponsors and host coordinator
Dina Fricioni, logistics, travel and cultural activities
Stefano Grossi, IT Team, website design

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