Dear members and fans of Ciancia,

Some of you may be receiving this bulletin for the first time.  It will appear in your mailbox once a month, with anouncements regarding our Club and the Italian community.  italian-flag-large


Independence Day is no small matter, not even for those of us who were “imported”. With an afternoon rain trying put out our grills, I hope that your 4th of July celebration was dry, warm and laudable.  This year, I watched the fireworks with a feeling of epiphany, having realized how exciting has been integrating my Italian fabric with the pragmatic and utilitarian character of the American culture, with its sense of duty and national pride, its efficient and courteous public services, its orderly traffic. I don’t know about you, but this land gave me two beautiful daughters, and I am forever tied to it.

In the past three decades, Italy has endured a political and economical decline.  However, the ability of the Italians to survive adverse circumstances without losing their poise and passion for life is still there. Personally, I never stopped looking at the glass half-full, in spite of its mounting bureaucracy and the irreparable damage done by self-serving egomaniacs of the caliber of Berlusconi and Renzi.  Their abysmal vanity and ignorance has spread abroad, as we have recently experienced, but this is where my political analogy stops.  As a nation, Italy is far bigger than any one of theses pea-brained circus clowns who think they can govern just because they can get blindfolded citizens to vote for them.  Greed is not just morally wrong: history has its own ways of purging itself of unsustainable models of political management and development.  And, even at this oceanic distance from Italy, the 4th of July prompts a sense of renewal and regeneration, a sense of courage and rebellion, a clearer vision for a better future, not just for the US, but for the rest of the Western world.

Back to our ranch, for those who might have missed the closing event of our 2017 Italian Film Festival, this month we are gathering to watch the winner of the festival.  For time and location, please, click on the navigational on “Next Meeting.” In August, following our long-standing tradition, we are meeting at the house of Mike Salvo for our traditional Festa di Ferragosto – only this time it will take place on Saturday, August 19, 2017.  It’s a pool party!  Men, you have got 45 days to lose those love handles – ladies, Italian men like you just the way you are – you can mark your calendars!

More news below.  We hope that this small editorial finds you in good Summer spirit.  Giancarlo Pirrone


– our “Dinner & a Movie” club will meet on Tuesday, July 18 (instead of on July 11, as previously anounced), at 280 Beverly Road, NE, 30309 – to view the winner movie of the Italian Film Festival. Film starts sharp at 7:00 – see below.
– The amazing actor/comedian Paolo Villaggio has passed away.
– Information about our new policies is available below.  Please, read them before attending our club meetings.
– Our book library is about to receive a new book donation.  We are in the course of inventorying it.  Access to it should soon be possible to all members.


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On Monday, January 30, the Director of the Società Dante Alighieri in Miami, Claudio Pastor, announced at the Four Season Hotel in Atlanta a program of Italian Classes taking place at the Goethe Institute of Atlanta – in Colony Square.  These are high-quality classes for all levels, six levels in total.  Weekend classes as well as weekday classes are offered. We are thrilled of such initiative, as the ultimate goal of the hosting German Cultural Center is to establish a European cultural center in the heart of Atlanta.   For information about Italian Classes, please go to:  http://www.dantemiami.org


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We just received announcement of a new book donation.  We are in the process of inventorying our Italian book library, which spans across various literary genres.  We will post our available titles on our website next year.  Our paying subscribers will have the opportunity to participate in this free circulating library, exchanging one of their Italian books for one of our Italian books.  This is a barter program, without exchange of money, meant to foster reading and circulation of Italian literature.

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At some point this year we will be switching to a subscriber’s system where you pay $20.00 a year to be a member and receive our bulletin.  Members will receive $10.00 off our $20.00 door fee, 50% discounted tickets at all our special events, including the Italian Film Festival, VIP status and special invites to all our events, and free access to our 500 book library-exchange program. We will be soon sending out a survey to check who is interested in being an active, contributing member. Those who do not opt to subscribe will continue to be able to access our website but will not be receiving our bulletin.  Our meetings shall remain open to all those genuinely interested in the Italian culture and language.