Our meetings are legendary for their warm, welcoming, convivial and energizing atmosphere. More than half of our monthly meetings take place at the homes of our generous host-members.  Ciancia is also a time machine: the best way to take a trip to Tuscany, right here in town, without the aggravation of international traveling. Wine, fine food, great locations and the finest people in town, make an irresistible formula.
For those who may be curious to see what happens to a Ciancia meeting, here are a few recent images of our famous gatherings.


Although we tactfully select our members, Ciancia membership is free. Requirements are elementary: spirit of aggregation, ability to hold a conversation – or to listen to one – desire to meet engaging and interesting people, ability to taste great food and appreciate the simple things in life. Ciancia is like going back to one’s school reunion, only without the weirdness.


The core mission of our club is to practice and spread the use of the Italian language: speaking Italian at our meetings is expected. Beginners, fear not!  We welcome beginners and people who have yet to take their second lesson, as long as their intent to approach this language and the amazing traditions of Italy is sincere. Please, mind this rule, as it keeps the identity of our club.  Please, no Spanish or other foreign languages at out meetings.


One hundred and seventy five people gathered at our Christmas party in grand celebration. It was Ciancia at its best! We have been observing a renewed spirit of camaraderie, conviviality and optimism in our club this past year. It looks like the attention of our society is shifting to smaller things that seemed unimportant yesterday.


To those who may be concerned about their command of the Italian language, rest assured that all beginners find a cozy and friendly environment at our meetings. As long as you make a sincere effort to speak Italian you are most welcome. English is a sign of respect to our numerous beginners and to our host nation –please, limit its use to true explanations.


Ciancia is not a single’s club. If you are looking for a date, look elsewhere. There are numerous clubs around town that will satisfy your taste and quest. We are an educated group of sophisticated individuals, well read, well traveled, well rounded. We are too well with ourselves to be overtly obvious about anything. Ciancia is synonymous of European class. Your primary reason to join our organization shall be of cultural character.


Here is the final lesson, perhaps the only lesson of an obscure period or the world’s economy: joy comes from simple things! In the end, it all boils down to what we do about life. Want to get a taste of joy? Join us! Want play your part with our club? Tell your friends about us. Hit our page on Facebook and subscribe to it, and, don’t forget to cook something tasty and bring it to the meetings. It will get you through the door for free.