Thank you for your interest in supporting Ciancia. Your help and contribution are fundamental to our club. Ours is a private organization, run by volunteers. Funds to support our club come primarily from door fees, and contributions from our attendees. Other contributions come from our corporate sponsors. Yet, the most generous contributions come from our hosts who go through tremendous organizational effort to host our club gatherings.
Private host gave Ciancia its name and character, as they provide the calm and warmth that can foster meaningful conversation. Club houses and commercial spaces are less desirable, though sometime necessary, given the number of our attendees. Ciancia exists thanks to the initiative and work of its wonderful sterering committee and from contribution and the support of generous people like you.

If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring Ciancia, before calling us to discuss the booking of a meeting, we ask our hosts to review the notes on our navigational “Hosting”.

For permanent sponsorship, which entails exposure and representation of design, fashion, furniture, manufactruing, and food products which are made in Italy or relate to Italy, please contact our Director Giancarlo Pirrone at 404-456-4444, or send us an email at .  Thank you!